Why is a Video is not loading?

There can be several reasons due to which the video might not be loading. First, please check your internet connection. If it is working fine, please clear the Cache of the App by going to Settings > Apps > Choose MuviMax > Storage > Clear Cache. Restart your phone, and it should work. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Why isn't there a HD version of this video?

Some videos are available with us in SD version only depending on their release period. For old Bollywood and English movies, the HD version of the video is not available.

Why is the sound distorted?

If the sound quality of any video seems distorted, please restart the application and your phone. In case the problem persists, please check the audio of the device. You can contact our customer care to report the issue. Before contacting us, please check the video on some other device to make sure the problem is not with your device.

Why is the Video stuttering, buffering or randomly stopping?

If the internet connection is not stable, the video may stutter, has a delay in the buffer and randomly stop after some time. Please check your internet connection. Try restarting your device and modem. It should work correctly.

When I change the quality of a video, nothing happens.

The quality of the video depends on your internet connection as well. Though you can lower the quality while you are on a high-speed connection, it is not possible to increase the quality on low connection speed. Please check your internet speed if you are trying to check higher quality video but not able to do so.

Why isn't the video starting at the beginning?

The video starts from the point where you left it last time. You can drag your mouse or finger on the play bar to start the video from the beginning. If it fails to do so, please clear the cache of the app and restart your device.

How do I make the Video go Fullscreen?

There is a FullScreen icon on the right bottom of the screen. When you click or tap on the screen once, all the control appears along with the full-screen icon. You can also press F on the keyboard to enable full screen if you are using a computer or laptop.

What Browsers are supported?

MuviMax supports all latest browser versions including Chrome, Windows Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and more.

How do you handle my privacy?

We have a strict Privacy Policy that our team and partners have to adhere with. You can check it by clicking here.

How can I contact you?

You can fill the form on our contact page or email us at